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Why does it matter?

Why Website Maintenance matters?

Website maintenance has now become a top priority! Website maintenance is simply the act of regularly monitoring a website for errors in order to avoid further technical issues. Whether it is a small or large-scale business website, a service-based or eCommerce website, it is critical to keep the website up to date. As a result, website maintenance services safeguard your website at all times.

Regular Website Check

Regular website monitoring for errors and updates to keep your business active on web and helps you grow your online presence in a cost-effective way.

Keep-Websites Up-to-Date

We keep your website away from malicious attempts of hackers. Our experts check day-to-day queries of your website’s performance and keeping the website in shape around the clock.


We implement a custom website maintenance plan and deliver regular security scans and vulnerability reports.

Why DigitSilk?

Why Choose Us?

DigitSilk, as your partner, can handle all of your challenges with our customised and comprehensive website maintenance plan. All of our plans are tailored to meet the needs of the website, from minor to major aspects. It provides you and your users with a worry-free website experience.
We ensure that all of our clients' websites run smoothly and effortlessly, regardless of the website platform or CMS. Our ongoing website maintenance, monitoring, and support are all-inclusive, resulting in an outstanding online presence for your website.
Our website maintenance plan addresses all critical and minor technical SEO aspects to improve website performance while you concentrate on growing your business.


Our 4 step process

Our Website Maintenance process

Every month, we take over all of the headaches of maintaining your website while you relax and enjoy peace of mind. Our monthly website maintenance services include the following:


Site Speed Optimization

Website loading speed is the key factor for both users and search engines to value a website. Website load speed can quickly affect your website search engine rankings and engage more customers with fast and easy access. At DigitSilk, we implement a result-driven strategy to improve your website load speed without disturbing any Styles, HTML, CSS files, etc.


Server & Security Maintenance

Websites are targeted by hackers very frequently, and it made it investing in security is necessary for every business. Our cutting-edge solutions provide end-to-end security for your websites and web applications, no matter your hosting server nature. We ensure complete protection to your website data, includes your personal info, user login information, order tracking, payment method details, etc.


Virus & Malware Removal

A website must protect from harmful viruses, malware, etc. If your website suspected that it has been injected by malware, your website lost its trust and value, even may result in de-index. Our secure web hosting services help you protect your site from viruses, malware, and hacking. We prefer various levels of access control, and user authentication to avoid further threats and keep the website up and running.


Maintenance & Support

Keep your websites up-to-date, running, and bug-free to stand firm to compete with your rivals. A proactive approach to secure and speed up a website is not a 100% solution, but regular maintenance is essential for every website. Our experts have years of expertise to help you with ongoing website maintenance and support. We also ensure daily backup and hourly monitoring as per the website requirement.


How can we help you ?

We keep your website updated with the latest and greatest by following the below:


Frequently asked questions

Why my website needs regular maintenance?

Regular monitoring and updating (Themes, content, images, etc.) can ensure your website running at full-capacity. It even helps find security issues, technical errors, and broken links to fix and improve website performance.

Why do I hire a professional for website maintenance?

Hiring an experienced professional will help save your time and money. If a website doesn’t develop or maintained by a professional, it will be at more risk. For example, web security is the top priority for any business, and it should be handle by a professional who is familiar with all the security features. If not, there are more chances for security breaches.

Can I have multiple websites in a single plan?

Yes, multiple websites can include in a single plan, but the pricing details may vary based on the needs and requirements

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