Student Mentor, Part Time-WFH

We are seeking candidates with a passion for helping students achieve success in college or careers. Academic mentors will help students develop the skills they will need to be successful in high school, college, and beyond. They act as a resource, assist students as they prepare for and apply to colleges or careers. They help students understand the college admissions process and financial aid options. They may also aid students as they prepare for exams or connect them with other resources, such as counselors or special education services.

To be a successful Student Mentor, candidates should be invested in the success of their students and have a thorough understanding of developmental processes, post-secondary education admissions, and financial aid practices, and student resources. Mentors will also need to be analytical, collaborative, and possess the desire to motivate students. Strong computer and communication skills are a must.

Student Mentor Responsibilities:

• Building rapport with students.

• Helping students identify strengths and weaknesses.

• Assisting students with setting their academic and career goals.

• Developing student habits and other skills to ensure their success.

• Analyzing data and tracking student progress towards goals.

• Connecting students with other resources, as needed.

Student Mentor Requirements:

• Must be working towards or hold a Bachelor’s degree in education or related field.

• More education or experience in education or counselling may be preferred.

• A desire to help students succeed.

• Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

• Willingness to collaborate and build rapport with students.

• Strong problem solving and analytical skills.

• Familiarity with college admissions processes, financial aid, and student resources.

• Ability to motivate students as they transition from high school to college to career.

If you are interested for the above role please fill in the details below :-

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