ENTJ: What you need to know about ‘The Commander’ personality type and what are their career options?

ENTJs are analytical and objective, preferring order over chaos. They are excellent at spotting holes in systems and finding ways to improve upon them. When it comes to taking charge, ENTJs are forceful and confident – they see themselves as leaders who can effectively manage people and procedures to get results.

In this article, we will try to explore this personality type and also find what are the career options for them.

What does ENTJ stands for?

ENTJ is an acronym that stands for Extraverted, iNtuitive, Thinking, and Judging. This personality type is often referred to as “The Commander” because of the ENTJs’ natural leadership ability. People with this personality type are typically very driven, ambitious, and analytical.

They are excellent at strategizing and are always looking for ways to improve efficiency. ENTJs are usually very confident and persuasive people who have no problem taking charge of a situation. If you’re ever looking for someone to take charge and get things done, an ENTJ is probably your best bet!

Combination of personality traits in ENTJ

An ENTJ personality type is typically characterized by the following four psychology traits:

1. Dominant – Extraverted Thinking

ENTJs are logical, analytical, and objective. They are quick thinkers who like to solve problems and find creative solutions. They are often drawn to careers in mathematics, science, or engineering.

2. Auxiliary – Introverted Intuition

ENTJs have a strong sense of intuition which they use to guide their decision-making process. This intuition is usually introverted, meaning that it is more internalized than externalized.

3. Tertiary – Extraverted Sensing

While sensing is not as dominant as thinking or intuition for ENTJs, they still tend to use this function quite frequently. Extraverted sensing means that they are aware of and interested in their surroundings and environment.

4. Inferior – Introverted Feeling

Since feeling is inferior for ENTJs, it does not play as large of a role in their lives as other functions do. However, when it does come into play, introverted feeling allows them to be compassionate and understand the emotional needs of others (even if they don’t necessarily share those same feelings themselves).

Personality Type of ENTJs in details

ENTJs are always on the lookout for opportunities to further their careers. They are willing to put in the hard work required to get ahead and achieve their goals.

They want power and influence so that they can make a difference in the world. ENTJs are natural leaders, and often take charge when it comes to making decisions. They are confident and outspoken, and not afraid to speak their mind.

However, in pursuit of their goals, ENTJs can sometimes be critical or harsh. They are results-focused and will stop at nothing to achieve what they set out to do. Their determination and skill make them very influential people.

Hobbies and interests

Here are some of the common hobbies and interests of ENTJs:

  • Stand-up Comedy:ENTJs are often drawn to stand-up comedy as a way to express their clever, quick wit. They enjoy making others laugh and feel entertained and are often natural performers.
  • Political Activism:ENTJs are often passionate about causes and social issues that they believe in. They may get involved in political activism or other forms of advocacy in order to bring about change.
  • Debating:Many ENTJs enjoy debating as a way to exercise their quick minds and sharp logic. They may do this informally with friends or family, or more formally through participation in organized debate teams or forums.
  • Photography: Photography can be a great outlet for ENTJs’ creative side. They often enjoy capture images that tell a story or convey a mood or feeling. ENTJs may also enjoy using photography as a way to document their travels and experiences.
  • Hiking:ENTJs often enjoy hiking as a way to explore the world around them. They may hike for the physical challenge, or simply to enjoy the beauty of nature. ENTJs usually like to be prepared and may plan detailed hikes in advance, but they also enjoy spontaneous outings when the mood strikes them.

Strengths and weaknesses

ENTJs, are born leaders but there are some strengths and weaknesses of this personality type.


Here are the strengths of ENTJs:

  • Strongly willed:ENTJs are strongly willed individuals. They are often seen as natural leaders, and their forceful personality allows them to take charge and get things done. ENTJs are usually confident in their abilities and have a clear vision of what they want to achieve. This makes them very decisive and able to handle difficult situations effectively.
  • Intelligent:ENTJs are highly intelligent people. They are quick thinkers and have a knack for understanding complex systems. This allows them to see the big picture and come up with creative solutions to problems. ENTJs also tend to be well-informed and stay up to date on current affairs.
  • Driven:ENTJs are driven people who always seem to be moving forward. They are ambitious and work hard to achieve their goals. ENTJs often excel in their careers, as they are willing to put in the extra effort needed to get ahead.
  • Organized:One of the defining traits of an ENTJ is their organizational skills. They like structure and order, preferring everything in its place. This attention to detail ensures that any project undertaken by an ENTJ is likely to run smoothly.


Here are the weaknesses of ENTJs:

  • Blunt and dominant:ENTJs are often seen as blunt and domineering. They can be insensitive to others’ feelings and may not always think before they speak. This can sometimes make them seem arrogant or bossy.
  • Dislike of routine:ENTJs dislike routine and may have trouble sticking to set plans or schedules. They can become easily bored with repetitive tasks and may have a hard time focusing on one thing for too long.
  • Difficulty express emotions:ENTJs may find it difficult to express their emotions verbally or in writing. They often bottle up their feelings and this can lead to problems in personal relationships. When they do finally express themselves, it can come out in an explosive or uncontrolled manner.
  • Impatient:ENTJs are often impatient, especially when it comes to dealing with people who don’t think or act as quickly as they do. They can have a hard time dealing with indecision orSlowpokes.

Career Options

ENTJs enjoy bringing about organizational transformation as a means of making things more efficient and effective; they are not afraid of change, but rather see it as an opportunity to improve upon the status quo.

While they do value structure, ENTJs also believe that there should be specific criteria for evaluating work and performance; this allows them to fairly assess their own progress as well as that of their colleagues.

Careers to choose as an ENTJ

  1. Accountant or Auditor
  2. Financial Manager
  3. Loan Officer
  4. Logistician
  5. Statistician
  6. Personal Financial Advisor
  7. Electrical or Electronics Engineer
  8. Chemical Engineer
  9. Civil Engineer
  10. Materials Engineer
  11. Mechanical Engineer
  12. Microbiologist
  13. Chemist

Careers to avoid as an ENTJ

  1. Receptionist
  2. Medical Assistant
  3. Teacher’s Aide
  4. Restaurant Host
  5. Cosmetologist
  6. Craft Artist
  7. Bill Collector
  8. Data Entry Clerk
  9. Medical Counsellor
  10. Therapist
  11. Primary school teacher
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